Torbay Safeguarding Children Partnership

Safeguarding children and young people: roles and competences for health care staff (intercollegiate document) 2019

This document has been adopted by the Training, Learning and Development sub group to provide the framework for not only the competencies of the trainers approved by the TSCP but also to provide clear guidance on the training learning objectives. The document has been altered to fit the multi-agency context of training delivered.

The document provides 5 levels of training depending on the level of contact with children, young people and families and roles in safeguarding children. The training delivered by the TSCP is currently for those within level 3 and level 3 +. We hope to provide study days for those at level 4 within future programmes

What does this mean for you?

As a single agency you can deliver training for levels 1 and 2 within your organisation. What the TSCP asks is that you use the inter-collegiate document to guide the content of the training. You can use the mandatory requirements for the TSCP Trainers to guide how you select your trainers. But the decision is yours and you hold responsibility for this decision.

Safeguarding Children and Young People Roles and Competencies for Healthcare Staff

January 2019

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