Torbay Safeguarding Children Partnership

The Children and Social Work Act 2017 legislated for new arrangements for the safeguarding of children. This document describes the new arrangements for Torbay. The new arrangements replace the current local safeguarding children boards with a new Safeguarding Children Partnership. The Act names the statutory partners as the local authorities, the police and clinical commissioning groups.

An independent review of current arrangements recommended changing some of our ways of working and creating a single Torbay specific safeguarding arrangement, thereby ending the previous joint arrangement with Plymouth. To ensure we are successful we, as the statutory safeguarding partners, will be involving partners from a wide range agencies and organisations all of whom will have a valuable part to play in safeguarding our children.

Perhaps our most significant decision was for the safeguarding arrangements across the local authority area of Torbay to become a dedicated Safeguarding Children Partnership. Whilst this does not affect the delivery of front line services in the area, it does enable the partnership to ensure a proactive and responsive approach to the needs of children, young people and families across the local authority and drives opportunities to shape and influence policy development leading to improved practice and outcomes.

To ensure that the voice of children, young people and families is heard locally, there will be three executive sub-groups that will drive safeguarding assurance activities locally and report to the strategic partnership group.

We are also appointing an independent scrutineer who will be independent of partners but will ensure that we are delivering on the strategic approach we have agreed. The scrutineer will provide an independent view on the effectiveness of safeguarding arrangements across the three local authority areas.

As the statutory safeguarding partners, we are all in agreement that these arrangements will be adopted across agencies from 1st September 2020 We believe these new arrangements will provide a solid foundation for further improvement in the way in which we safeguard children across Torbay and look forward to reporting on the progress we make. As a partnership we remain committed to doing the very best to support and protect our children, young people and their families.

You can access the full document below;

Safeguarding Children Partnership Arrangements and Child Death Review Arrangements for Torbay 2020

Safeguarding Children Partnership Arrangements and Child Death Review Arrangements for Torbay 2020

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