Torbay Safeguarding Children Partnership

Are you worried about drugs or alcohol?

  • Are you using drugs or alcohol to help you with problems or block out painful feelings?
  • Do you need information or advice?
  • Would you like help to reduce the harm caused by drugs and alcohol?
  • Are you worried about someone else’s drug or alcohol use?

In Torbay we have specialist drug and alcohol services to help young people. Workers can see you at premises throughout Torbay. You can discuss a time, day and place that is convenient to you. The information you give will be treated confidentially.

For further information contact our team of specialist under 18’s drug and alcohol workers:

  • Drug and Alcohol Youth Worker at Torbay Youth Service: 01803 208100
  • Under 18s Drug and Alcohol Worker at Checkpoint: 01803 200100
  • Drug and Alcohol Worker at Torbay Youth Offending Service: 01803 208100

Here are some of the agencies that may be able to help:

  • NHS Direct: 111 - 24 hour free helpline for health advice and information. In an emergency (e.g. overdose) dial 999
  • FRANK: 0800 77 66 00 - 24 hour helpline providing free and confidential advice, information and support about any drug issues
  • Drinkline: 0800 917 8282 - providing information and advice on alcohol issues
  • Drinkaware - Alcohol support services useful links and phone numbers

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