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My Computer My Way Opens in a new window and the BBC's My Web My Way Opens in a new window show lots of ways to adjust your computer to make things easier to see, and make your computer talk.

They can show you how to change text colours, fonts and sizes, magnify the screen, change mouse pointers, or use screen readers.

One free screen reader is the NVDA Screen Reader Opens in a new window.

You can also listen to this website by downloading a free copy of NaturalReader Opens in a new window (or by using any other text to speech software you might have).

This software is easy to use, free, and helps people who find it hard to read, such as those with dyslexia or learning difficulties, those for whom English is not their first language, and those with mild visual impairments.

Main features

NaturalReader is easy to use even if you have very little computer knowledge.

  • Text to Speech - converts any written text (i.e. MS Word, web pages, PDFs or emails) into spoken words with Microsoft voices.
  • Floating Bar - allows you to listen to text without disturbing your reading on screen.
  • Change reading voices and speed - a speaker menu and control slider is available.
  • One-click technology - just select any text and press one hot key (no need to copy and paste).
  • Magnifying text - zoom in and magnify text.
  • Change text font - change the text font, style and size.

Download NaturalReader

Windows and Mac versions are available free to download from the NaturalReader Opens in a new window website.

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