Torbay Safeguarding Children Partnership

It is important that you look out for your own safety, as well as looking out for friends and family. You can keep yourself and your friends safe by following some simple advice.

If someone makes you feel scared, threatened or hurt, don’t be afraid to tell a responsible adult or contact Childline 0800 1111 or the Torbay Safeguarding Hub on 01803 208100

  • Walk to and from school in groups or pairs
  • When you’re out with friends, always stick together
  • Always tell a parent or carer where you are going
  • Tell someone you trust if another person is making you feel scared or unhappy, even if the person who is making you feel unhappy is someone who is part of your family
  • Shout loudly if someone is making you do something you don’t want to
  • Report any suspicious behaviour to a trusted adult
  • Don’t take shortcuts, always stick to your normal safe routes
  • Only give trusted friends your personal details
  • Never accept a gift from someone you don’t know
  • Don’t talk to strangers
  • Never get in the car with a stranger

For more information visit ChildLine, THINKUKNOW or CEOP

Download the Barnado's app - Wud U? for more advice and guidance on how to avoid risks and stay safe.

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