Torbay Safeguarding Children Partnership

Children who go missing

Children can go missing for a variety of reasons, and in most instances they return home safely. In some cases, children might run away because of family issues or conflict with parents and carers.  Sometimes children run away to escape abuse or rejection. Sometimes problems at school can be the cause for children to go missing. Sometimes children are not running away but running to somewhere, for example, in cases of child exploitation.

If you are worried that a child is missing you should report them to the Police on 101.

If you believe a child is missing and at immediate risk of harm, you should contact the police as a matter of urgency on 999

The Partnership hold regular meetings about children who go missing from home or care.  Sometimes, where a child is repeatedly missing or the risk is believed to be significant, a multi agency strategy will be held.  

Our Partnership understands that parents and or carers may be very worried about their child who goes missing.  When children do go missing, parents and carers are likely to be spoken to by a professional to provide support and advice.

For every child who lives in Torbay after a missing episode they will be offered an independent Return Home Interview by The Children Society Checkpoint Team.  A checkpoint worker will arrange to see your child at home or at school to have this conversation with them.  In most cases the checkpoint worker will also speak with the parents/carers of the child as well.

For more information on this you can visit the Devon and Cornwall Police missing people website for help, guidance and assistance.


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