Torbay Safeguarding Children Partnership

Torbay Children’s Services and Local Area is working to adopt Restorative Practice, a strength-based approach that recognises that building a positive relationship with children, young people and families who need support is important. 

We understand that life can sometimes be hard and what happens to us can affect how we think, feel, and behave. We know that how we work with children and families to talk about this and the ways in which we support them are important.

We recognise that listening to children, young people and families and working ‘with’ rather than doing things ‘for’ or ‘to’ people is the best way we can help support. This way of working is called restorative practice. It means our practitioners will focus on building positive relationships through respectful communication, collaboration and shared decision making to help create positive change.

The benefits of working restoratively include:

  • Respectful conversations help to truly understand everyone’s life events
  • Encourages families to become more self-sufficient
  • Shared decision making and co-planning leads to better outcomes for children and families
  • Teamwork promotes successful multi agency working
  • Open and honest conversations help to build relationships and manage expectations
  • Reducing, preventing, and addressing harmful behaviour to keep everyone safe
  • Addresses conflict and seeks to repair harm when things go wrong
  • Trauma informed practice allow safe conversations to take place
  • Inclusive practice promotes working together with children, young people, and families, so they feel respected, listened to, and heard
  • Voices of children are key, so we hear their wishes and feelings and where possible act upon them
  • Encourages the building, maintaining, and repairing of all relationships


Torbay Children Services are offering free Restorative Practice training to all partner agencies.

Click the link below to register and book:

Course: Restorative Practice – Awareness (

Course: Restorative Language Workshop (


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