Torbay Safeguarding Children Partnership

Neglect is the persistent inability of a child’s family and society to meet their parenting needs.

It is a serious Adverse Childhood Event (ACE) that has a significant impact on children’s long-term health, prosperity and wellbeing.

Torbay is a national outlier for the number of children affected by neglect.

The Neglect Group will focus on how strategy, policy and associated initiatives reduce neglect and improve the lives of children.


TSCP Neglect Strategy

The TSCP Neglect Strategy collates recent research and publications from a host of national bodies and explains the reasoning behind a move towards providing long term support to boost parenting capacity, and away from ‘diagnosing’ neglect when everything has gone wrong for a family.

We are calling for a reversal in the year-on-year reductions in funding for children’s universal services.

Practitioners need to work with families to a restorative practice model to boost parenting capacity and improve children’s long-term health, wealth and wellbeing, but make good quality assessments and statutory interventions when required.

TSCP Neglect Strategy 2021-2024

TSCP Neglect Strategy Published December 2021

Research in Practice Child Development Chart: 0-11 years

Child Development Chart: 0-11 years

Research in Practice

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