Torbay Safeguarding Children Partnership

The following resources have been collated to further develop practitioners in their knowledge and understanding of specific topics.

  • A - Z of Consent Campaign

The Consent Coalition in Nottingham has recently launched their A-Z of Consent Campaign.  For more information regarding the campaign please visit their website

  • Autism

The National Autistic Society and Mind have launched a free good practice guide to help mental health professionals adapt talking therapies for autistic adults and children, alongside new research into autism and mental heath.
Good Practice Guide

  • Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse

The CSA have published the last of their initial trio of resources for Professionals and all three are available on their website.

  • NSPCC Learning Podcast

NSPCC Learning Podcasts are a series of episodes that cover a ranged of child protection issues to inform, create debate and talk about the work the NSPCC do to keep children safe.  

  • National Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews Webinars

National Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews Webinars are a series of webinars that cover a range of different Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews including Non-Accidental Injury of Children under 1 and Supporting Vulnerable Children and Families during Covid

  • Neglect

This is a useful video to watch to remind yourselves about the impact of neglect and signs to both watch out for and respond to. The video was made by Harrow Safeguarding Children Board before Torbay adopted a restorative approach but the messages within it remain pertinent to all of our practice.

Neglect Video

  • Online Safety

The Internet Watch Foundation and Childline have recently developed an online tool to help children to report and remove nude pictures or videos of themselves from the internet. Further information about the tool can be found in this BBC article and on the NSPCC’s Childline service’s website.

  • Prevent Training

Prevent training can be accessed via i-learn here

  • Romani/Roma, Gypsy and Irish Traveller Support

Watch the following webinars to expand your knowledge on the culture of Romani/Roma, Gypsy and Irish Traveller families and how to support these groups:

Social Work with Romani and Traveller Children Webinar - YouTube

Understanding the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities in practice | Social Work Week 2021 - YouTube

  • Graded Care Profile 2

The Executive Group has agreed to the implementation of Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2) across the partnership and is currently in the early stages of implementation. 

A Webinar by Samanthan Kyriacou, Leading on Graded Care Profile 2, NSPCC in relation to GCP2 was presented on 17th February. Please review the following documents for more information on GCP2.

How GCP2 supports families and practitioners research jan 2022

GCP2 readiness briefing slides

Slides from the GCP2 Webinar by Samantha Kyriacou

NSPCC GCP2 Case Study Card Pack

NSPCC GCP2 Case Study Card Pack

  • Assessing and Supporting Parents who have a Learning Disability

Helena Svedang, Court Quality Assurance Manager for Torbay Children’s Services, has produced an article on assessing and supporting parents who have a learning disability to support you in your work with families who would benefit from this.

Assessing and Supporting Parents who have a Learning Disability

Assessing and Supporting Parents who have a Learning Disability

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